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5 favorite places in Playa del Carmen Tukan Hotels in Playa del Carmen

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Tukan Hotels -  - 5 favorite places in Playa del Carmen

5 favorite places in Playa del Carmen

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5 favorite places in Playa del Carmen

April 07 2022
1 THE FIFTH AVENUE – of course each place has its charm, but if you visit Playa del Carmen or any destination in the Riviera Maya, this is not to be missed. "La Quinta", as it is known, is a place adapted to delve into the best of the atmosphere and life of Playa, it is conditioned to walk and stroll while enjoying an offer of activities and attractions such as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, variety of shops, tourist services, live shows, vegetation, handicrafts, souvenirs, even hotels (such as… Hotel Tukan with an enviable location 😉)

2- CALLE CORAZÓN- on your walk along Fifth Avenue you can come across this charming corner, on Calle Corazón you will find the best in shopping, gastronomy and nightlife with premium and fashionable places. Part of the appeal of this place is its exquisite and interactive decor so that you can bring out your most photogenic side surrounded by style, light and vibrant energy, made to be enjoyed by everyone.

3- PUNTA ESMERALDA BEACH – Visiting the Caribbean implies days under the sunbeam and by the sea. Punta Esmeralda is a virgin and free beach that has a peculiar attraction… It has a cenote, whose waters flow directly into the sea, a natural phenomenon worth visiting, it is an incomparable sight. The important thing is to visit and take care of this beautiful beach, not leaving garbage and respecting nature. We also recommend bringing food or cash since, as it is a virgin beach, there are no restaurants or shops.

5- FUNDADORES PARK – It is one of the main cultural spaces in Playa del Carmen, where important social, cultural and gastronomic events are held, aimed at both local residents and visitors. It is the designated site to carry out the show and ritual of the Papantla flyers, as well as other musical and dance shows. In addition, it has an iconic sculpture, called Portal Maya, this work of art symbolizes solidarity and union between the original peoples and the rest of the world and connects the street with the beach offering a beautiful view of the turquoise sea.

5- ARCHAEOLOGICAL ZONE OF TULUM – Definitely, it is worth taking a tour, public transport or driving to the Mayan ruins that have a view of the sea, being able to visit an area so full of magic and history is a memory that is carried in the heart. It is a region filled with energy, a wonderful walk where you can appreciate the architecture of the Mayan civilization, including some paintings from their remote times. Also perfect for taking amazing souvenir photos.

We love knowing that our hotels offer our clients a perfect location to enjoy these places just a few minutes away and in some it is a matter of steps.

We would like to know which places you would add to this list.


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