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June 30 2022
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June is the month of the environment. World Environment Day has been led by the United Nations Environment Program and has been celebrated on June 5 since 1973, since that date it has been the most important for the United Nations to encourage awareness and take action of environmental protection, has become a VITAL platform to promote progress towards the objectives of Sustainable Development, during all these years more than 150 countries have participated.
The motto for this 2022 is "One Earth" which highlights the need to live sustainably and transform our habits into other cleaner and more ecological lifestyles.
Ecosystems are the sustenance of life throughout our planet, care and protection have a direct impact on both human beings and our planet, a healthy ecosystem has multiple benefits, such as more fertile soils, improves climate change, etc. .
Of course, not everything is bad, professionals affirm that there is a solution and it has the technology to avoid a catastrophe, we have 10 years which will be key to stopping and reversing all the environmental degradation of the ecosystems that exist in the world, this initiative will allow us improve our quality of life, help eradicate poverty in the world and guide society towards a more sustainable future.
It's time to do something, remember that even during the holidays there are actions you can take to contribute.
Use biodegradable sunscreen
Use blanket bags or reusable materials and avoid plastic ones
Avoid using single-use disposable straws or materials.
Opt for a bike ride or walk around the city, it's a lovely activity and doesn't pollute.
Do not take photos with captured wild animals, they are prohibited and many of these, such as tigers or cougars, are in danger of extinction. Let's protect them and let them be free.
You can reuse your towel during your hotel stay as you would at home, if you hang it up it will not be replaced by the housekeeper.
Throw the garbage in its place, take care of the beaches and do not leave waste on them.
Take your thermos, it is a way to keep liquids cold longer and reduce the use of plastics. Do not get dehydrated, in Playa del Carmen it is very hot.
Turn off appliances and disconnect from electricity what you are not using.
Opt for ecotours, they are an option that will bring you closer to nature and you will be able to learn a lot from it while doing fun and unique activities.

How do you care for the environment?


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