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Pachamama Day

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Pachamama Day

July 31 2022
The term "Pacha" means universe, world, time, place, while "Mama" means mother. This worship signifies gratitude for the crops and good weather, for the animals and the abundance of the soil.
Every August 1st, the indigenous peoples of Latin America celebrate the Day of the Pachamama or Day of the Great Mother Earth. Although the rituals of this tradition have varied over time, one of them remains intact.
According to Inca mythology, she is a goddess associated with the feminine and fertility, offering her gifts to the crops, and is considered the spirit of the Earth. It is a conjunction between the earth, understood as soil and nature, with a protective character that favors life, every August 1st is celebrated with various rituals such as drinking sugarcane with rue on an empty stomach that has been macerated in advance, this to protect against evil, and thus the grandparents say that the spirit becomes stronger against any disease preparing the body for the rainy season and winter that is approaching.
Another very well known ritual is the offering of seeds directly to mother earth and smoking the smoke, thanking her for everything she gives us every day, and of course the most important thing is to be aware that we have to take care, love and respect the earth because she will always be present in all our lives, transmitting all our good deeds to nature for generations.
The worship of the Earth is as old as human beings themselves, our ancestors worshiped the Sun, the Moon and Mother Earth, it is not by chance that we call her mother, this is because we are her children, she provides for us, she is our home, our refuge and our sustenance.
Let's remember that it is essential to take care of biodiversity and the natural resources for the preservation of our Mother Earth. What are you doing to care for the Pachamama?


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